Purely Mens Gathering



Friday Lites,   On  The 4

Friday Lites, On The 4

Friday Lites, On The 18

Friday Lites, On The 18

Saturday, LA/OC Jacks  On The 26

Saturday, LA/OC Jacks On The 26


Friday Lites,  On The 9

Friday Lites, On The 9

Friday Lites, On  The 30

Friday Lites, On The 30

Saturday, LAOC Jacks On The 24

Saturday, LAOC Jacks On The 24


1What is LA/OC Jacks?
We are a group of friends who get together once a month in a private home in Garden Grove, Orange County, California for J/O, sex and general social activities. We have been meeting monthly for over 24 years with an average attendance 60 – 90 guys per meeting. We are not a “club.”
2What type of people attend?
All types of men of all ages, races, some hot, but many regular guys, some gay, some bi, some married, some single. Most of the men are 30’s and 40’s, some 20’s and 50’s with an age range 18 – 80 and a median 26-44. If you only want totally hot guys, stay home and jack off to a porno. If you want to get off with real men, come join us!
3Is there a membership fee?
We are not a club! Just a group of friends, men who enjoy the company of other men in a private home. We do ask for a donation of $20.00 regular/general, $15 for seniors (60 years old +), $15.00 military (any member of our armed forces with a valid ID active reserves, retired), and $10 (18 – 24 year with a valid student ID). This donation helps to cover the expenses of hosting the party such as snacks, beverages, towels, lube, condoms, etc.
4What happens at the party?
When you arrive, check in with your host Mike; the homeowner and host. Then you are free to roam throughout the house, where gay X-rated videos are playing in every room. Some guys remain fully clothed, others are shirtless, or wearing only underwear or a jockstrap, and some are nude. Nudity or underwear is preferred but not required. Nudity is required in the bedroom areas on the other side of the “Orange Curtain”. The lights are dim and candlelight sets the mood. As you wander the house, if you see someone you are interested in having some fun with, introduce yourself and see what pops up! If someone approaches you and you are not interested, be a gentleman when declining. Towels, lube and condoms are provided, however it is requested that you bring your own supplies. “Toys” are allowed within reason. It is requested that you leave all valuables at home or securely locked in your vehicle, or secured with Mike, especially if you plan on removing your clothes!
5When is the party?
Generally the party is held on the fourth Saturday of each month. However the December party will be on the third Saturday due to the holiday season; check with Mike the host, check this screen name profile, or check http://www.laocjacks.org for details on the next party night. The party generally starts around 8:00 p.m. and we ask all guests to arrive between 8:00 and midnight. The party usually goes until around 3:00 a.m. Some guests stay the entire time; others “come and go”. You can stay as long as you like until the host ends the party
6How do I get invited?
All men age 18 and over are welcome to attend as long as you get your name on the guest list. You can do this by sending e-mail to Mike the host at scoutca@hotmail.com the week prior to the party, or by calling him at (714) 750-0302 on the day of the party. You must be on the guest list to be admitted. You may bring a friend; your friend must be informed of the basic policies. Discretion is assured, we are not concerned with your marital status, etc., and we just want to know who will be in attendance and using Mike’s personal residence.
7Is this illegal?
There is nothing illegal about a group of friends getting together in a private home. Absolutely no illegal drugs are allowed on the premises. Please – *NO TWEEKERS*. If you absolutely MUST “PnP” here, it is requested that you at least be able to hold yourself together and not be all sketchy/flaky and bouncing off the walls. This applies to drinking alcoholic beverages as well. Please respect the residents of the home by not chewing gum, smoking only in the designated area, and do not disrupt the personal property of the residents and the other guests. Also do not block any of the neighbor’s driveways.
8What about snacks and drinks/alcohol?
There is a rather large assortment and array of snacks that are provided with your donation that include, but not limited to, potato chips, Doritos, crackers, cookies etc. Sometimes there are vegetables available. There’s almost always something different that’s available to eat and snack on. Drinks are also available in a wide variety of flavors and types. Carbonated and non-carbonated beverages are available. Alcohol is permitted, however you must “BYOB” or bring your own bottle. Same thing as the tweeter rule though – please be able to hold yourself together and handle yourself while under the influence of alcohol. If someone is bugging you or other guests here, please find Mike right away.
9What is the address?
The address is listed on this site below. If you need directions, please contact Mike the host and homeowner by calling him direct at (714) 750-0302. You can send him email at scoutca@hotmail.com, and be sure to include your name and city (major intersections) so he can provide you directions to the location. Please note Mike answers email up to 2:00 PM On the day of the party, call him direct at (714) 750-0302 to get your name on the guest list and he will provide directions to the house. Also, Mike can answer any additional questions not covered by this FAQ.
12271 Firebrand Street, Garden Grove, CA 92840-4104